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import requests

response =
    auth=('api', 'sk_XXXXXXXXXX'),
    json={"source": ""}


with open('wikipedia.pdf', 'wb') as f:
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HTML to PDF in under 2 seconds

Our API makes it easy to export high-quality PDF versions of HTML documents from raw code or URLs. There's no need to worry about CSS properties, outdated libraries or conversion errors.

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Generate beautiful previews of any website

Equip your product with the ability to turn visual content into downloadable images. Grab up-to-date screenshots from any website to generate beautiful previews and customize image output to suit your needs. All it takes is one simple API call.

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Automate blog banners for social networks

Generate impactful Open Graph images to share your content on social networks easily. Use custom templates and provide variable parameters to automatically integrate banners into your CMS.

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Store your template at PDFShift and increase conversion speed

Store your template and take advantage of our powerful template engine to convert your documents even faster. Storing your templates at PDFShift will allow you to generate documents on the fly with your customer in a secure way. It will allow you to automatically build banner images for your blog posts securely within your blog engine (Wordpress, Next, Nuxt).

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Securely store your content in your S3 Bucket

Our API makes it easy to export high-quality PDF versions of HTML documents from raw code or URLs. There's no need to worry about CSS properties, outdated libraries or conversion errors.

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Powerful features for high-fidelity documents

  • Render pages with CSS3 - Illustration

    Render pages beautifully with full CSS Support

    Our powerful engine supports all the latest CSS features, including custom web fonts, flexbox, grid layouts, and responsive design.

  • Render pages with HTML5 - Illustration

    Tailor documents to suit your needs

    Customize headers and footers, inject custom CSS and Javascript, and wait for custom elements on the page so they turn out perfect every time.

  • Converts pages securely - Illustration

    Convert documents securely

    Beam your raw HTML directly to PDFShift for completely secure conversions ‐ perfect for handling sensitive data.

  • Play nice with third-party libraries

    PDFShift works great with external libraries such as Tailwind, Bootstrap, Bulma, Skeleton, …. You can also generate beautiful charts with javascript libraries or maps using Google Map or OpenStreetMap.

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  • Generate documents in the blink of an eye

    Use PDFShift's powerful webhook system to quickly generate thousands of documents with minimal wait times. Need more? Invoke our parallel conversion system to convert many documents with a single request for results in milliseconds.

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Guaranteed privacy with HIPAA compliance

PDFShift's conversion technology is fully HIPAA compliant, making it a great choice for the healthcare industry. We don't store your documents (unless specifically requested in the API), so we can ensure the privacy of your data.

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